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#Project NameClientValue (USD)Status
1Supply of GRP pipes (Karbala Governorate)Al-Asriyah company11,000,000Completed
2Supply of GRP pipes (Al-Btaira Project)Al-Iqbal company15,000,000Completed
3Supply of GRP pipes (Al-Najaf Project)Al-Ribat company9,000,000Completed
4Supply of GRP pipes (Al-Aziziyah Project)Noor Al-Ofoq company4,000,000Completed
5Supply of GRP pipes (Al-Majar Project)Al-Jahra’ company8,000,000Completed
6Supply of GRP pipes (Maysan Network)Al-Najam company3,500,000Completed
7Supply of GRP pipes (Thi-Qar Network)Al-Ribat company25,000,000Completed
TOTAL (USD)79,500,000
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