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I. Construction and Infrastructures

  • Design and construction of new buildings and facilities
  • Rehabilitation of damage facilities and buildings
  • Design and construction of roads and bridges
  • Design and implementation of sewage, storm water and potable water networks
  • Design and implementation of water, sewage and oil rising mains
  • Installation/constructionof water treatment facilities including reverse osmosis plants
  • Installation/construction of sewage treatment plants (German Technology) and sewage lifting stations.
  • Design/installation and construction of long span facilities using K-SPAN technology
  • All kind of field surveys
  • GIS projects design and implementation including map production

II. Electrical Works

  • Implementation of electrical distribution substations
  • Construction of electrical distribution lines

III. Agriculture and irrigation

  • Implementation of irrigation system according to latest technologies
  • Design/construction of all kind of water control facilities
  • Assessment and consultation services
  • Supply and install of agriculture and irrigation equipment

IV. Telecommunications and IT

  • Supply and installation of telecommunication equipment and networks
  • Supply and installation of computer networks (WAN, WLAN, LAN)
  • Supply of IT equipment

V. Trading

  • Supply of all kinds of pipes and fittings (Ductile, GRP, HDPE, UPVC, and concrete)
  • Supply of LV electrical equipment and materials (distribution transformers, electrical towers and poles)
  • Supply of cables (power and communication)
  • Supply of test and measurement equipment
  • Our company also has some joint venture relation with regional and international companies
  • Our company is certified distributer in Iraq for:
    • Certified agent of Tamdid Pipes for GRP pipes and fittings (KSA)
    • Certified distributor for ductile iron pipes of INDIPCO (KSA)
    • Certified distributor for AMIANTIT products ductile iron pipes (SADIP), Concrete cylinder pipes and fittings (AMERON), FIBERGLASS
    • Certified distributor for Inter Pipe Factory for HDPE and GRE pipes and fittings
    • Certified distributor for National Plastic Sharjah for UPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings
    • Certified distributor for Acwa Pipe for UPVC and PE pipes and fittings
    • Certified distributor for ARIFCO Pipe for UPVC pipes and fittings
    • Certified distributor for STC for distribution transformers and compact substations
    • Certified distributor for ALNISF for distribution transformers
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